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 Meet the People! The faces of Midland

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PostSubject: Meet the People! The faces of Midland   Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:59 pm

September 20, 2018

This page is intended as n role play for everyone to become affiliated with the back story of the region of Meles

To start we'll begin with local groups and races

Melesian (Mull~leeshun)

The common folk who live around the country. This is the most typical group you will see in the realm composing of many races: Humans, Dwarves, Half Elves, Elven, and Halflings. Melesians are overall a "jack-of-all-trade" as they gain bonuses to there strength, dexterity, and wisdom.

Remani (Reh~monny)

The remani are a  loose associated group of traveling people, very close to that of Ancient Gypsies. They associate with living on the road, adventure, and are known for there entertainment, singing, hard labor, mercenary skills, and even there swift hands. Although the Remani area shunned people, often living outside of towns or cities they gain natural bonuses to their charisma, and dexterity allowing them to be well adapted to rural life.

Motanni (Mo~tonny)

The Motanni are an indigenous humanoid people that live in the woodland areas around Meles. They live un-associated with each other, but do maintain contact when needed. Despite this, they are secluded from modern society viewing it as too complicated or even dangerous. They are natural hunters and gatherers and have a long history with the land around them, feeling a sacred bond between nature and humans. All Motanni gain bonuses their dexterity, strength, and wisdom.

Kinghfield halflings

The most common of race second to that of humans and Gnomes. The Kinghfield halflings are a diverse culture of halflings who have migrated from there homeland to live in the region around Meles. They are crafty, smart, and are known for there upbeat personalities. All Kinghfield Halflings gain bonuses to Charisma and Dexterity.

Rösgardian (Ross~Guardian)

"The people of the Western Empire" or Rösgarde are a Germanic type of people who make a living through their industrious nature. They are well known for being crafty, and very smart often being employed as engineers, crafters, or merchants. Most Rösgardian are few and far between and can be easily pointed out with there blondish to brown hair among women and men for there large mustaches and thick accents. All Rösgardian gain bonuses to their Intelligence and dexterity.


An imperial is anyone having been born or lives in the Holy Oriath Empire. They are known for there Black hair, pale skin, and fine attire. Imperials are well known intelligent charismatic individuals and gain natural bonuses to their charisma, and wisdom. Many Imperials often choose the path of wizardry or sorcery and don't often travel far from their homeland unless in search of something, and are often viewed as mistrusted by outsiders.

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Meet the People! The faces of Midland
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